Stop These Things. A New bunch of whackos.

Stop These Things or STT, is a new anti-wind farm group that is currently being astro-turfed in Australia.

It’s extremely well-funded (they can afford a professional website unlike, and they are looking for useful idiots to join the crew. Don’t bother trying to post a comment exposing their BS, it won’t see the light of day.

They use very similar tactics to the anti carbon tax mob, and are trying to hold a rally in Canberra on June 18. Stop These Things (the anti-windfarm mob not this fine blog) are getting plugged by racist shock jock Alan Jones. They play hard and lose with the truth, and run some seriously deluded arguments. Did you know God is on their side, and the Victorian Health Department were “patsies” because they found there was no health risk in wind farms?

This mob like to use words like “apologists” “lefty rag” and “out of control”. And they love to invoke grand conspiracy theories whenever anyone criticises them.

Lets hope their rally in Canberra is as spectacularly unsuccessful as the “convoy of no-confidence”. Remember that one, where a handful of pensioners were bused in, and crowd numbers were so low Alan Jones made up the absurd claim that ACT police had blocked the road to stop protestors.

How can anyone take these clowns seriously?