Those intelligent anti-wind farm folks.

rubbish site….go boil your head timewaster, obviously an cock sucker who’s no idea of the real world

Thanks for the feedback. It’s just so awesome and it comes from an intellectual giant named Ivor Poomissin.

Remember folks, there is no point debating morons. They should just be mocked.


2 thoughts on “Those intelligent anti-wind farm folks.

  1. The shonk who wrote this Hit piece would not give thier name,nor would they Be able to live on a wind farm with out serious health problems.It is just another way of Trying to steal hard working Farmers land but more and more people are learning about this scam(they dont produce enough electricity to boil the kettle)every day…

  2. Thanks for your comment Barry A. Just more evidence showing how thick the anti-wind farm mob are. “Steal farmers land”? Really Barry? Is that your best argument? Signing legally binding contracts and paying farmers is a very strange way of stealing someone’s land.
    And once the wind farms go up, farmers can still go on farming. And guess what, their animals don’t suffer any health consequences. I guess sheep and cattle don’t listen to the crap being peddled by shonks like Dr Laurie.
    Thanks again, and good luck with your spelling. I’m happy to recommend a primary school teacher to bring you up to speed.

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