What a flop.

Well the STT anti wind farm rally has been run, and it was a complete flop. 

Despite the huge amount of resources thrown at this project, the rally numbers would have been lucky to reach 150. Meanwhile, the pro renewable energy rally had thousands of attendees.

Media coverage has been virtually non-existent, and it looks like the wise heads in the news rooms decided a story about crackpots in Canberra wasn’t newsworthy.

The only disturbing part of the whole rally, was it managed to attract a handful of conservative MPs. These guys should be laughed out of parliament, but it looks like they will be given the keys to car on September 14.

About the only thing left to do is monitor the conspiracy theories on why numbers were so small. Was it the “wind media” censoring the episode, or maybe the ACT police were blocking people at the border, like they “did” with the convoy of no consequence.

At least some bloke selling tin foil hats and photographs of “that” Tel-aviv bunker made some sales today in Canberra.



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