Shonks exposed


Welcome to Stop These Things. An expose of the shonks who run Australia’s anti-windfarm campaign.

First an overview.

Whenever a wind farm is proposed in Australia, a small group of anti-windfarm campaigners leap into action. The first part of their campaign is to blow into the town of the proposed wind farm. Rumours are spread, town hall meetings are called, and the out of town shonks appear.

It’s all fear and loathing, dodgy science, and scaring people. The anti wind farm mob tell locals that wind farms will reduce their property values, divide communities, and of course, make them sick with multiple ailments collectively known as “wind farm syndrome”.


Windfarms have been operating for decades across the globe and “Windfarm syndrome” has only existed after the anti wind farm mob started pushing this made up disease in the late 2000’s. It doesn’t exist in Europe, and it only “exists” in areas where the anti wind farm mob have launched their fear campaigns.

This blog is all about exposing the shonks.


Those intelligent anti-wind farm folks.

rubbish site….go boil your head timewaster, obviously an cock sucker who’s no idea of the real world

Thanks for the feedback. It’s just so awesome and it comes from an intellectual giant named Ivor Poomissin.

Remember folks, there is no point debating morons. They should just be mocked.


What a flop.

Well the STT anti wind farm rally has been run, and it was a complete flop. 

Despite the huge amount of resources thrown at this project, the rally numbers would have been lucky to reach 150. Meanwhile, the pro renewable energy rally had thousands of attendees.

Media coverage has been virtually non-existent, and it looks like the wise heads in the news rooms decided a story about crackpots in Canberra wasn’t newsworthy.

The only disturbing part of the whole rally, was it managed to attract a handful of conservative MPs. These guys should be laughed out of parliament, but it looks like they will be given the keys to car on September 14.

About the only thing left to do is monitor the conspiracy theories on why numbers were so small. Was it the “wind media” censoring the episode, or maybe the ACT police were blocking people at the border, like they “did” with the convoy of no consequence.

At least some bloke selling tin foil hats and photographs of “that” Tel-aviv bunker made some sales today in Canberra.



STT: ultimate frauds


I’ve been very busy lately so haven’t had much time to hold clowns like the person behind the anti wind farm  “Stop These Things” website accountable.

Luckily, it only takes about two minutes to find a giant fraud.

Here is a challenge to the anti wind farm punters who think STT is credible.

Step 1. Look at the above photo.

Step 2 Look at how STT uses the photo linking wind turbines to threats to aviation.

Step 3 Look where they stole the photo from, read the article about a light air crash on takeoff, and try to find any mention of wind farms in it.

They don’t have any evidence of actual plane crashes caused by wind farms so STT just googles a crash scene and pretends it’s relevant.

STT are thieves with zero credibility.


Stop These Things. A New bunch of whackos.

Stop These Things or STT, is a new anti-wind farm group that is currently being astro-turfed in Australia.

It’s extremely well-funded (they can afford a professional website unlike, and they are looking for useful idiots to join the crew. Don’t bother trying to post a comment exposing their BS, it won’t see the light of day.

They use very similar tactics to the anti carbon tax mob, and are trying to hold a rally in Canberra on June 18. Stop These Things (the anti-windfarm mob not this fine blog) are getting plugged by racist shock jock Alan Jones. They play hard and lose with the truth, and run some seriously deluded arguments. Did you know God is on their side, and the Victorian Health Department were “patsies” because they found there was no health risk in wind farms?

This mob like to use words like “apologists” “lefty rag” and “out of control”. And they love to invoke grand conspiracy theories whenever anyone criticises them.

Lets hope their rally in Canberra is as spectacularly unsuccessful as the “convoy of no-confidence”. Remember that one, where a handful of pensioners were bused in, and crowd numbers were so low Alan Jones made up the absurd claim that ACT police had blocked the road to stop protestors.

How can anyone take these clowns seriously?


“Doctor” Sarah Laurie

Chief “Medical” Shonk at the Waubra Foundation.

“Prominent anti-wind farm activist Sarah Laurie is being examined by the National Health and Medical Research Council’s ethics committee regarding claims she has breached ethical research codes.”

See more here.

Read the truth about the Waubra Foundation

Read about how the Victorian Health Department found all Laurie’s claims about wind farms making people sick are completely false.

On the credibility scale, “Doctor” Sarah Laurie gets 0/10. But that means she still gets a go with right wing shock jock Steve Price on 2GB.